Looking to rally support and action for your brand, policy position, or product? With a blue-collar work ethic and a bias for action, Drumfire helps our clients win in Washington D.C. and beyond.


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Our team is here to help you create a winning campaign. Feel free to request case studies for further insight into our capabilities.

Drumfire Public Affairs Media Placement

Issue Advocacy

Crafting a strategy and moving quickly to implementation, Drumfire drives outcomes when you face urgent developments, catalysts, or deadlines. Drumfire has executed a range of domestic and international campaigns to pass legislation and advance policies championed by our clients. We also support clients facing litigation, competitor attacks, and marketplace challenges, as well as influence contract awards and forthcoming legislation and regulations early in the decision-making process. We eschew cookie-cutter programs taken by larger PR firms, and instead take a distinctive, surgical approach that can help you adapt to changes in the political or business landscape.

Drumfire Public Affairs Media Placement

Issue Management

Too many organizations allow issues to manage them. It’s understandable given the ability of special interest groups, competitors, and activists to advance misleading concerns about our clients’ products, services, and reputations. Driving a counter-narrative among decision-makers is where we excel. This involves a combination of offense and defense: we can help you position yourself as “part of the solution,” while combatting misinformation that can affect your reputation and bottom line. Effective issues management isn’t just rapid response; it’s an ongoing function, and one we can help you institute.

Drumfire Public Affairs Media Placement

Coalition Building

When policymakers face decisions, they ask, “Who's for it and who's against it?” Our greatest strength is mobilizing highly credible and influential groups and individuals to weigh in in support of clients’ positions. We have the contacts, experience, technical skill, and creativity to identify, recruit, and deploy credible allies who care about your issue. These aren’t silent supporters; their advocacy is tangibly manifested in media placements, on TV, online, directly with legislators, at hearings, and at conferences, which is critical to raising the profile of your issue and persuading key decision-makers.

Drumfire Public Affairs Media Placement

Media Placement

Our team consists of seasoned on-the-record, national spokespeople and senior news producers, so we can help you gain positive, targeted media coverage. We have a network of trusted reporters, bookers, and editors, as well as pundits whose commentary is featured in leading policy publications, Hill newspapers, and editorial pages of major dailies and online news outlets. We provide the full package: messaging, training, engagement, and placement to help you enhance your credibility and positioning on priority issues.

Drumfire Public Affairs Media Placement

Crisis Planning & Management

Drumfire is retained in times of scrutiny and tumult to help clients in a crisis and during the following reputational rebuilding process. We can provide your organization with discreet crisis management services, including counseling, strategy, scenario planning, training, and crisis plan development. With a background in politics and years on the front lines of high-stakes crises, Drumfire’s team provides battle-tested strategic and tactical guidance to help protect your reputation, minimize business disruptions, and shape a more favorable political and policy environment.

Drumfire Public Affairs Media Placement

Digital Advocacy

Drumfire amplifies your visibility and messaging through social media monitoring and engagement and the development of campaign websites, graphics, and videos. We can help you simplify complex ideas and issues visually, so that you can effectively reach stakeholders and decision-makers and mobilize action among your supporters.


Drumfire provided strategic communications support to our regional and global organizations for more than a decade. Beyond core communications services — messaging, material development, crisis planning, etc. — Drumfire has been invaluable in building stakeholder support for our issues domestically and internationally. Their global network of reporters, scholars, and policy experts is impressive. Their work in recruiting and deploying these allies outside of our industry has helped our organization achieve and maintain legislative and regulatory wins in US, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Tangible deliverables, like opinion placements, in our target countries have put our industry in a better position to defend our products and advance our top policy priorities.

Executive Director, Global Manufacturing Trade Association

We have worked with Drumfire Public Affairs for many years on a wide variety of initiatives, from driving positive national press coverage on federal regulatory challenges to helping manage and execute a series of state legislative campaigns. The team’s strategic guidance and tactical execution is top-notch, and at this point, we consider them an extension of our association. We love that they always bring us fresh and creative ideas. Bottom line is the Drumfire team gets results.

President, Manufacturing Trade Association

Drumfire has been a critical strategic partner in counseling our organization to navigate formidable issues pertaining to contaminants and food safety. From advising on strategy to implementation of advocacy, education, communications material, and media engagement, we could not be more satisfied with their 360-degree approach to issue management. I would recommend Drumfire to any organization seeking strategic communications support, especially for complex technical and regulatory challenges.

Executive Director, Food Industry Trade Association

Drumfire Public Affairs stands out as an exceptional team with a remarkable ability to swiftly mobilize plans, engage stakeholders across the political spectrum, and adeptly understand complex issues. Their commitment to finding common allies and fostering bipartisan collaboration is truly unique. I highly recommend Drumfire Public Affairs for their outstanding work in building bridges, driving progress, and achieving impactful results through inclusive engagement.

Vice President of Government Affairs, Policy, and Communications, Biotech Startup

We hired Drumfire to help raise our organization’s profile with national and international media. But we got so much more. Drumfire has been instrumental in sharpening our advocacy. In addition to their creativity and doggedness with earned media and opinion placements, they have helped us better communicate with supporters and decision-makers through infographics, social media graphics, website splash pages, and other digital tools. Rather than over-relying on press releases, they provided a full advocacy toolbox for our organization’s many campaigns.

Executive Director, International Non-profit Organization

Drumfire Public Affairs Social media Mangement


1 Diagnose

Understand your organization’s opportunities, threats, and challenges

2 Audit

Evaluate your existing capabilities, materials, and activities

3 Assess

Research and analyze opportunities to advance a counter-narrative and campaign

4 Plan

Design a public affairs program – strategies and tactics – to support your marketplace and public policy objectives

5 Execute

Implement the campaign with content creation, media engagement, stakeholder mobilization, and digital advocacy

6 Measure and Adjust

Evaluate quantitative and qualitative metrics and modify strategy and tactics to maximize results


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